Know How to Improve Bluestacks Performance by These Easy Steps

Almost everyone around you, who are regular gamers on their mobile devices, resort to Bluestacks. This android emulator simulates one’s PC and enables a user to use their PC just like they use their Android devices. Bluestacks has proved to be the most useful tool that helps users to play their favorite games on their PC. It is compatible with almost every app available on the Play Store.

The performance of Bluestacks is no doubt remarkable, however, users sometimes look for more. Therefore, users opt for ways to enhance the functionality of the emulator. There are some available tweaks that can make Bluestacks function faster than its usual functionality, decreasing the loading time to decrease.

Download BlueStacks for Mac

The methods to improve Bluestacks are as follows:

Method 1:

This method maximizes the limit of RAM located to Bluestacks.

  • Go to the start menu and type ‘RUN’ in the search bar and then press Enter. Or use the shortcut way by pressing the Windows button on the keyboard and the ‘R’ button simultaneously
  • When the box appears, type ‘regedit and click on ok to access the ‘registry editor’ on your PC
  • There will be different files on the left side of the window. You need to make changes in these files to increase the speed of Bluestacks
  • Navigate to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Bluestacks/Guests/ “
  • Search for the field name ‘Android’ and click on it to find the parameters and values assigned to it
  • From the list of attributes, open the ‘Memory’ attribute. Change ‘Hexadecimal ‘to ‘Decimal ‘after which you will find the value ‘768‘displayed on your screen
  • Next, change the value to 1024 using keyboard keys
  • Click on ‘OK’ to save the changes (change it to 2048 if you have more RAM space available)
  • Restart PC for modifications to apply

Alternative Method

Alternatively, you can have a minimum number of apps installed in Bluestacks and delete all the unnecessary apps. For, they occupy RAM space and hence slows it down.

To uninstall apps, do the following

  • Launch the Bluestacks app, go to ‘Settings
  • Search for ‘Advanced settings’, that will be on the bottom of the list, click to access other options
  • There will be different sections. Under the ‘Device’ option, click on the ‘Apps’ option
  • Go to the downloaded category and click on the app that is not required.
  • Upon being led to a new window, select the ‘Uninstall’ option to initiate the uninstallation
  • Click on ‘OK’ from the dialog box and confirm the process
  • Repeat the same method for all the unnecessary applications and free RAM space

Also, if this too fails to improve the performance of Bluestacks, download the latest updates available by the developers or get an updated version from their website and download Bluestacks 4. These updated versions provide greater and smoother performances.

To conclude, these methods have proven to improve the performance of the Bluestacks app on your PC. It will require you to put in little labor and once there, you will be able to experience a smoother and more efficient use of the emulator. Playing Android games on PC will be better than before.

Learn How to Uninstall BlueStacks App Completely

The bluestacks is basically an emulator for Android, which is used by a lot of people from all around the world. There are times when people will need to uninstall the application because of some kind of issue with the compatibility or performance.

It really does not matter why you are uninstalling Bluestack completely, but you need to learn how to uninstall this application completely. Here is a complete guide where you will be able to learn how to uninstall Bluestacks from your device completely. We have listed down a few steps which you need to follow to uninstall Bluestack from your Personal Computer or Laptop.

Uninstall BlueStacks App

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Let us Take a Look at all the Steps:

Method 1:

The bluestacks is considered as one of the best applications for Android, but you need to also understand that it is not perfect.

  • Simply go and click on the option Start Menu and then go to the control panel and launch the Bluestack application.
  • Go to the Control Panel option and all you need to do is simply navigate the option Programs and then go to Program and Features. Here you will be able to list down all the programs that are installed in your Personal Computer or Laptop. You can then click on the uninstall application from the Control Panel.
  • Once the Blue Stack option found out from the list and simply right click on that option and press on it and select the option Uninstall. You will then be asked if you are really sure about uninstalling the application. Once you press “Ok,” everything will be uninstalled.
  • Once the uninstallation procedure is done, you need to simply go to the C drive and find all the files that are left from the Application Blue stack in the Program Data folder and delete them. Sometimes the files are hidden so make sure to unhide before performing this procedure.
  • In the next step, you need to delete all the temporary files. To delete the temporary files users will have to press the windows key from their keyboard along with the R key. This will open up the run application. In the run application, users will need to type ‘%temp%’ and simply press enter. Make sure to delete all the files from the temporary folder.
  • Users will also need to access the Registry editor. To do so, they need to open the run application by pressing windows key and R. Then users need to type ‘Regedit’ and simply click on Ok. Simply delete those files and you will be good to go.

Method 2:

This is the method where users need to use the BS cleanup so that they are able to uninstall the Bluestack from your Personal computer or your Laptop:

  • The first thing that the users need to do is simply delete all the temporary files.
  • You will be able to learn how to uninstall all the temporary files from the step given in method 1. Users need to follow all the steps that are given above in Method 1. After that users need to simply download an application called BS cleanup.
  • Install the application, then start the application on your Personal Computer or your Laptop.
  • Run this application and follow all the dialogue boxes in the application.
  • Once you are able to get the Process has been finished option simply close the application.

Users will be able to use both this method to uninstall the Bluestack application. You will be able to install the Blue stack application again after uninstallation without any kind of problem.

How to Use Bluestacks to Run Android Apps on PC/Laptop

The bluestacks is right now the most common and popular application for Personal Computers or Laptops to run Android. This application is used by millions of people all across the world. This application is pretty much simple and easy to use, which makes it so much popular. All the users who are new to this are able to learn this very fast. Here we will be giving you a complete guide which will help you understand Bluestack in a better way.

Bluestacks App to Run Android OS on PC:Laptop

How Will You be Able to Use Bluestack?

The first thing that users need to do is install Bluestack. Users need to go to any third party website and download the application Bluestack. Once the download is complete they need to simply install the application on their Personal Computer or their Laptop. Users can also download the application from the official website of Bluestack. The thing about Blue stack is that it is compatible with almost 96 percent of the Android applications. You will be able to install all the android applications with your Bluestack application.

Method 1: Users will be able to use their Google Play store to install all the different android applications they want. All they need to do is go to google. Search for the Google Play store application APK. Install the application and launch it. Search for the application you want in the Google Play Store and install it. Once you install the application you will be able to see the application in your Blue stack.

Method 2: Users will also be able to download the APK file of their desired android application and simply install it from there. Search the application on google and then you can go to any third party message and install the APK file from there.

How to Use Any Application?

If users want to use any android application on Bluestack they need to switch on their Personal Computer and Laptop and open the application Bluestacks. Once they open Blue stack they can simply go to the application they want and launch it.

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Play Games on Bluestack?

Playing games on Blue stack is also possible. The bluestacks is basically an android emulator that helps you open all the android applications in your Personal Computer and Laptop. Now you will be able to install all your favorite mobile application games on your personal computer and enjoy it even when you are away from your mobile phone.

How to Install and Uninstall an Application in Bluestack?

Bluestack basically takes up the storage of your Personal Computer or your Laptop and therefore you can install as many games you want on your Laptop without having to think about storage as long as you have storage space you’re your Laptop.

The steps of installing an Android application have given above. To uninstall an application in Bluestacks you need to launch the settings application in your Bluestacks application and then go to the Advanced Settings and then you will be able to see all the list of applications that are already installed. Simply uninstall the application you want to remove and press Ok and you will be good to go.

How to Root your Bluestack?

People know how to root their mobile phones and now you will be able to root your Bluestack application simply following the steps given below. Rooting will help users run applications which generally do not run in the Android operating system.

  1. King Root: Users can simply install this application King root and root their Bluestack. The procedure is the same as the mobile phone rooting. All users need to do is simply install the application and follow the steps. Simply pressing on tart will help users root their Bluestack application.
  2. Install BS Tweaker and root your phone by following the steps in the application. This application is basically the substitute of King root.

Here we have listed down all the things you need to know before installing Bluestack. The blue stack is just the perfect application for you if you are looking for an application to turn your Personal Computer or Laptop into an Android system.

Download BlueStacks for Mac (iMac, Macbook Air/Pro OS )

Bluestack for Mac is considered to be one of the greatest applications for your Android applications on the Mac. The games which are played on any android device gives the user a very pleasant experience but then again playing the same games on the big screen of the Mac will guarantee you an excellent experience. It does not matter whether the games are puzzles or graphics oriented; playing the same of the Mac will give the user the perfect gaming experience. Bluestacks supports not only games but other Android apps as well. If the user wants they could use their Google Play store account to download many more apps so as to use them on the Mac. Now let us look into the features that Bluestack provides for the Mac.

BlueStacks for Mac

Download BlueStacks Mac

VersionBlueStacks App Player for Mac
File Size570 MB
DeveloperBlueStack Systems Inc. (

Features of Bluestack for Mac

  1. Firstly, it has a user-friendly interface which is very easy to use.
  2. Secondly, it does provide some applications already pre-installed by default.
  3. Thirdly, it provides the user with top charts, installed applications and much more.
  4. Fourthly, it contains games like candy crush saga and social media applications like Twitter and facebook by default.
  5. The user can use the search engine which is inbuilt to search for different apps which they are looking for.
  6. Lastly, it allows the user to install various applications with the help of Bluestack player from the Google Play store.

Bluestack for Mac

The user can download this particular software for the Mac free of charge. All the user needs to do is visit the official website and then download the Bluestacks for window. The download is completely based on the internet speed that you have. Once the download is completed the user can install it like any other regular software. One thing that is recommended is that user scans the Bluestack before installing. This is done to keep any malware away from your Mac. As mentioned already Bluestack does provide applications like Temple Rum, twitter, Facebook and other user-friendly apps by default. If the user would like to use any other app then all they need to do is search for the said app in the search box. After this, the user can visit the Play store and installed the said apps on their Mac with the help of a Bluestack app Player. Thus, from the above discussion, we get a pretty good idea of how Bluestack is helpful in enjoying all your Android applications on the big screen of Mac.