How to Use Bluestacks to Run Android Apps on PC/Laptop

The bluestacks is right now the most common and popular application for Personal Computers or Laptops to run Android. This application is used by millions of people all across the world. This application is pretty much simple and easy to use, which makes it so much popular. All the users who are new to this are able to learn this very fast. Here we will be giving you a complete guide which will help you understand Bluestack in a better way.

Bluestacks App to Run Android OS on PC:Laptop

How Will You be Able to Use Bluestack?

The first thing that users need to do is install Bluestack. Users need to go to any third party website and download the application Bluestack. Once the download is complete they need to simply install the application on their Personal Computer or their Laptop. Users can also download the application from the official website of Bluestack. The thing about Blue stack is that it is compatible with almost 96 percent of the Android applications. You will be able to install all the android applications with your Bluestack application.

Method 1: Users will be able to use their Google Play store to install all the different android applications they want. All they need to do is go to google. Search for the Google Play store application APK. Install the application and launch it. Search for the application you want in the Google Play Store and install it. Once you install the application you will be able to see the application in your Blue stack.

Method 2: Users will also be able to download the APK file of their desired android application and simply install it from there. Search the application on google and then you can go to any third party message and install the APK file from there.

How to Use Any Application?

If users want to use any android application on Bluestack they need to switch on their Personal Computer and Laptop and open the application Bluestacks. Once they open Blue stack they can simply go to the application they want and launch it.

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Play Games on Bluestack?

Playing games on Blue stack is also possible. The bluestacks is basically an android emulator that helps you open all the android applications in your Personal Computer and Laptop. Now you will be able to install all your favorite mobile application games on your personal computer and enjoy it even when you are away from your mobile phone.

How to Install and Uninstall an Application in Bluestack?

Bluestack basically takes up the storage of your Personal Computer or your Laptop and therefore you can install as many games you want on your Laptop without having to think about storage as long as you have storage space you’re your Laptop.

The steps of installing an Android application have given above. To uninstall an application in Bluestacks you need to launch the settings application in your Bluestacks application and then go to the Advanced Settings and then you will be able to see all the list of applications that are already installed. Simply uninstall the application you want to remove and press Ok and you will be good to go.

How to Root your Bluestack?

People know how to root their mobile phones and now you will be able to root your Bluestack application simply following the steps given below. Rooting will help users run applications which generally do not run in the Android operating system.

  1. King Root: Users can simply install this application King root and root their Bluestack. The procedure is the same as the mobile phone rooting. All users need to do is simply install the application and follow the steps. Simply pressing on tart will help users root their Bluestack application.
  2. Install BS Tweaker and root your phone by following the steps in the application. This application is basically the substitute of King root.

Here we have listed down all the things you need to know before installing Bluestack. The blue stack is just the perfect application for you if you are looking for an application to turn your Personal Computer or Laptop into an Android system.

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