Learn How to Uninstall BlueStacks App Completely

The bluestacks is basically an emulator for Android, which is used by a lot of people from all around the world. There are times when people will need to uninstall the application because of some kind of issue with the compatibility or performance.

It really does not matter why you are uninstalling Bluestack completely, but you need to learn how to uninstall this application completely. Here is a complete guide where you will be able to learn how to uninstall Bluestacks from your device completely. We have listed down a few steps which you need to follow to uninstall Bluestack from your Personal Computer or Laptop.

Uninstall BlueStacks App

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Let us Take a Look at all the Steps:

Method 1:

The bluestacks is considered as one of the best applications for Android, but you need to also understand that it is not perfect.

  • Simply go and click on the option Start Menu and then go to the control panel and launch the Bluestack application.
  • Go to the Control Panel option and all you need to do is simply navigate the option Programs and then go to Program and Features. Here you will be able to list down all the programs that are installed in your Personal Computer or Laptop. You can then click on the uninstall application from the Control Panel.
  • Once the Blue Stack option found out from the list and simply right click on that option and press on it and select the option Uninstall. You will then be asked if you are really sure about uninstalling the application. Once you press “Ok,” everything will be uninstalled.
  • Once the uninstallation procedure is done, you need to simply go to the C drive and find all the files that are left from the Application Blue stack in the Program Data folder and delete them. Sometimes the files are hidden so make sure to unhide before performing this procedure.
  • In the next step, you need to delete all the temporary files. To delete the temporary files users will have to press the windows key from their keyboard along with the R key. This will open up the run application. In the run application, users will need to type ‘%temp%’ and simply press enter. Make sure to delete all the files from the temporary folder.
  • Users will also need to access the Registry editor. To do so, they need to open the run application by pressing windows key and R. Then users need to type ‘Regedit’ and simply click on Ok. Simply delete those files and you will be good to go.

Method 2:

This is the method where users need to use the BS cleanup so that they are able to uninstall the Bluestack from your Personal computer or your Laptop:

  • The first thing that the users need to do is simply delete all the temporary files.
  • You will be able to learn how to uninstall all the temporary files from the step given in method 1. Users need to follow all the steps that are given above in Method 1. After that users need to simply download an application called BS cleanup.
  • Install the application, then start the application on your Personal Computer or your Laptop.
  • Run this application and follow all the dialogue boxes in the application.
  • Once you are able to get the Process has been finished option simply close the application.

Users will be able to use both this method to uninstall the Bluestack application. You will be able to install the Blue stack application again after uninstallation without any kind of problem.

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