Know How to Improve Bluestacks Performance by These Easy Steps

Almost everyone around you, who are regular gamers on their mobile devices, resort to Bluestacks. This android emulator simulates one’s PC and enables a user to use their PC just like they use their Android devices. Bluestacks has proved to be the most useful tool that helps users to play their favorite games on their PC. It is compatible with almost every app available on the Play Store.

The performance of Bluestacks is no doubt remarkable, however, users sometimes look for more. Therefore, users opt for ways to enhance the functionality of the emulator. There are some available tweaks that can make Bluestacks function faster than its usual functionality, decreasing the loading time to decrease.

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The methods to improve Bluestacks are as follows:

Method 1:

This method maximizes the limit of RAM located to Bluestacks.

  • Go to the start menu and type ‘RUN’ in the search bar and then press Enter. Or use the shortcut way by pressing the Windows button on the keyboard and the ‘R’ button simultaneously
  • When the box appears, type ‘regedit and click on ok to access the ‘registry editor’ on your PC
  • There will be different files on the left side of the window. You need to make changes in these files to increase the speed of Bluestacks
  • Navigate to “HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SOFTWARE/Bluestacks/Guests/ “
  • Search for the field name ‘Android’ and click on it to find the parameters and values assigned to it
  • From the list of attributes, open the ‘Memory’ attribute. Change ‘Hexadecimal ‘to ‘Decimal ‘after which you will find the value ‘768‘displayed on your screen
  • Next, change the value to 1024 using keyboard keys
  • Click on ‘OK’ to save the changes (change it to 2048 if you have more RAM space available)
  • Restart PC for modifications to apply

Alternative Method

Alternatively, you can have a minimum number of apps installed in Bluestacks and delete all the unnecessary apps. For, they occupy RAM space and hence slows it down.

To uninstall apps, do the following

  • Launch the Bluestacks app, go to ‘Settings
  • Search for ‘Advanced settings’, that will be on the bottom of the list, click to access other options
  • There will be different sections. Under the ‘Device’ option, click on the ‘Apps’ option
  • Go to the downloaded category and click on the app that is not required.
  • Upon being led to a new window, select the ‘Uninstall’ option to initiate the uninstallation
  • Click on ‘OK’ from the dialog box and confirm the process
  • Repeat the same method for all the unnecessary applications and free RAM space

Also, if this too fails to improve the performance of Bluestacks, download the latest updates available by the developers or get an updated version from their website and download Bluestacks 4. These updated versions provide greater and smoother performances.

To conclude, these methods have proven to improve the performance of the Bluestacks app on your PC. It will require you to put in little labor and once there, you will be able to experience a smoother and more efficient use of the emulator. Playing Android games on PC will be better than before.

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